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I have fed the kibble hard food RAW Instinct, rabbit, for quite some time now, but my cats do not like it.

Thus the reason of searching out and feeding Life's Abundance (LA) .  When I received my first LA shipment I researched the manufacture date, and was pleased to note that both LA and Instinct were manufactured and at my house in about 2 months.

Wholesome, grain-free food with 38% protein

Nutrient dense & supremely satisfying

Absolutely no corn or wheat glutens, artificial colors or flavors

USA!  Made in Ohio and New York - straight to your house, no middle-man/foreign country sales or sitting in warehouses.  

In your bowl weeks after production rather than up 18 months for "middle man" brands.  Not sold in vet or other venues where a conflict of interest blurs the lines of "is this best for your cat".

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Life's Abundance - free fed

INSTINCT RAW - Fed Daily:           Cage free, organic, holistic Raw Diet in a can!  

No preservatives, corn, wheat, soy or by products.

Ingredients such as the superfoods cranberries, blueberries, kale, fish oil, and pumpkin make this a clear quality choice.       best price

We receive no incentives to include food or pay to recommend these products.

Your kitten will be fed this diet before coming to you, and it is advised your continue this feed at least until transitional stress from our home to your home is complete.  We will send food home with you.​​

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