Neverland Scottish Folds

His our is a low roar, it is so happy and LOUD!  Almost therapeutic.  


Creme and

White Straight Ear


Folds   $  1750

Straight Ear Folds   $  750

​​16  September dob​  

Champion sire, Multiple Best in Show nomination.  

Folded Female Golden

Straight Male Creme and White Bi Color

It is hard to get a photo showing the striking subtle creme running swatches through his coat.  I am posting some less than perfect pictures so his coat shows up.


-The SIRE of all litters is a Champion with multiple Best in Show Nominations.
-All of our cats are tested for the deadly
contagious FeLV, and all are negative.
-All of our cats are blood typed.
-All of our cats are top pedigrees with supreme grand champion parents, or

     champions in their own right.  And purebred Registered with TICA.
-All of our cats are genetically tested for the
fatal and painful PKD disease.