Neverland Scottish Folds

When shipping we make the arrangements for you and use Delta Airlines.  It will be to your closest majorairport.  Prices (actual cost, no profit) are about $400.  This includes airfare, veterinarian health certificate, airline approved crate, and delivery to airport. WEATHERdependent.

Click, print, fill out, and

return with deposit.

“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life— music and cats.” ​​    

​― Albert Schweitzer

I have added the pay pal link above.  Sending as a friend saves the 3% transaction fee.  


-Bring a carrier.

-We provide canned and hard food to tide you


-Arrange final payment.

-We will have shot and worming records for

     you and your vet.

When You Get Home:

Place kitten with their litter box, water and food.   Leave them alone for a while.  They will imprint box location.  Never pick them up and walk away, they will not remember how to get back when they have to go potty.  In the beginning a litter box per room?  Rule of thumb, for every hour of play and interaction, give them a period of quiet time.  Kittens can get overwhelmed.  This is a new home, siblings are gone...  Monitor litter box, that will tell you if they are eating and drinking and whether you have to tempt them those first days with some kitten milk and canned food I provide.  Never bunch up transitions.  For instance, do not change food while transitioning into your new home.  Do not get shots the first day your kitten arrives.  One stress at a time...Separate shots, arrival, changes in diet, etc...

Many of our families fly in, and fly out the same day for personal in cabin pet pickup.  We deliver into your arms at  our local  airport.

-Please buy a changeable ticket.  Southwest Airlines has no fee for changing tickets, for instance.  If your kitten is not deemed "ready" you will have to delay your pick up.  

- Always ask airline if they require a health certificate.  We will be happy to make those arrangements.  Please inform your airlines you will be traveling with a pet when making your reservation.

-always plan to have a soft sided carrier with you when you pick up kitten for your return flight.  We provide hard and canned food.

-have final payments arranged with us.