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All our breeding cats  are registered withTICA (THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION, INC). Registrations provided for breeding and show agreements only.

Focus is placed on socialization from birth -- in the living room they are born!  Pets should be beautiful also -- Our cats, for example, are Champions in their own right and/or have sires

with International Supreme Grand Champions.

Personal Note:  British Shorthair male -vs- Scottish Straight

All of our females are Scottish Folds Folded.  You should only breed fold to straight, thus our male is a straight ear.  We recently revamped our breeding program.  We are a retired couple, and our main focus is Scottish Folds and how we can improve.  We went from a male Scottish Fold Straight ear to a allowable outcrossChampionBritish Short Hair (BSH).​  We wanted substance, health, and vitalityin our kittens, which the BSH sire has irrefutably provided.  We are told this will result in less folded kittens, but the choice was clear to us.  The show ring showed us that two of our females were not top quality...One mom became very frail with kittens; and they all 3 were all spayed and placed in loving forever homes.  Sometimes as a breeder you struggle with such choices, as we loved these girls.  Am I a breeder or a pet owner? Our replacement moms were selected for their denseness and quality, and these hard decisions has resulted in hardy, thrifty, active, kittens for our homes.  These decisions $cost$ us quite a bit, and set our breeding program back 2 years, but we are seeing our BSH instead of Scottish Straight decisions play out as the (Success!) right choices for our kittens future homes.


Our male Boris is a Champion of Record.  He has been nominated multiple times for Best in Show (BIS).  Natasha is one show away from Championship status, and also has multiple BIS nominations.  All of our cats are from Supreme Grand Champions parents (SGC).  We are 100% PKD and FeLV negative, and want to keep it that way.  The FeLV paperwork results stated (see the health testing page) that very few catteries have 100% negative results, and that gave us great pause.  How can we keep it that way?  One contamination can impact all of our beloved cats! We are now a closed cattery (no showing, visits, stud services, or additional cats) and will not expose our cats to other cats...for the sake of our kittens, and moms whose immune systems are challenged with producing.   We face time and provide updates via videos.  We have references...this is YOUR kitten we are protecting.

Finally, any questions, we are here...before and after purchase.  I am not dedicating my website to bashing other breeders, or tell you what I think of them.   If you are purchasing elsewhere and have general questions, by all means I will help if I can.


Unsolicited Reference - printed with permission

Scarlett & Oly litter  12/26/17

Unsolicited Reference - printed with permission:

Hello        (10/15/2017 Romeo/Fey Litter)
Hope your doing well, following is the letter from our vet for Solars neutering so we can get his registration

papers. He is doing great and such a wonderful, wonderful kitten. I love him so much, more than any other cat ever, I am totally a Scottish Fold fan now!!! Here are a few pictures of Solar as well, he wins everyones heart that meets him. I’ve already directed several people to your website, your kittens are so perfect. Here is our address again for the papers. Thank you so much for giving us all this joy!!!!

Unsolicited Reference - printed with permission.      16JAN18

Hope your new year is off to a great start.
Our kitten (we named him ____ .is doing very well. He is a fantastic addition to our family with his lovely personality and impeccable litter box manners. We adore him. 
We plan to neuter him very soon, and will be in touch.

Neverland Scottish Folds