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​Magoo sprawled out being her.

Our kittens come to you vaccinated and healthy.  You are encouraged to have your vet health check your kitten within the first three days of ownership.  Our cattery performs preventative treatments bi yearly for coccidia, giardia, worms, fleas, ticks, and other parasites...  We want to ensure 100% that NOTHING affects our kittens. 

If there are any correctable issues the breeder either will correct the issue at the breeder’s cost, replace the kitten, or take the kitten back and give a full refund of the cost of the kitten.  We must receive written notification in this 3 day time period.  And you must promise, cross your heart and hope to die you will not allow your cat outside without you, place them in a cage to live, or stop loving them when they are older and creaky. 

Please research the breed and understand the gene that folds the ears.

They will be TICA registerable, a copy of the papers and pedigree provided upon request.  If your kitten has not been spayed or neutered before coming to you, you are REQUIRED to spay and neuter before 6 months of age.  You will be asked to provide proof to Neverlandfolds. 

Our Kittens are registered with TICA (THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION, INC) where we are members in good standing and abide by the Code of Ethics.

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Scarlett & Oly litter  12/26/17

Did you know we are a cageless cattery?

...unless you are a newborn...

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Hope your new year is off to a great start.
Our kitten (we named him ____ .is doing very well. He is a fantastic addition to our family with his lovely personality and impeccable litter box manners. We adore him. 
We plan to neuter him very soon, and will be in touch.

Neverland Scottish Folds

We care.

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PKD Negative cattery

FeLV Negative Cattery

Here at Neverlandfolds we are a small in house cattery (5) daughter (2).  Health screenings such as PKD and Leukemia completed on all cats.  Focus is placed on socialization from birth, with T.V.s and Vacuums a part of daily life -- to make the perfect adapted pet.  Pets should be beautiful also -- Our cats, for example, are Champions in their own right and/or have sires with International Grand Champions (GICH Sky Flower Zlatoust) and Rumfold lines.


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Hello        (10/15/2017 Romeo/Fey Litter)
Hope your doing well, following is the letter from our vet for Solars neutering so we can get his registration

papers. He is doing great and such a wonderful, wonderful kitten. I love him so much, more than any other cat ever, I am totally a Scottish Fold fan now!!! Here are a few pictures of Solar as well, he wins everyones heart that meets him. I’ve already directed several people to your website, your kittens are so perfect. Here is our address again for the papers. Thank you so much for giving us all this joy!!!!