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**   A suffix is an ending we can attach to a word to express grammatical relationships (inflectional suffix) or to create a new word (derivational suffix).  Such as Felintolo"gist" studies/is certified in felinetol"ogy".  Common European terminology with the concern of cats.

**   https://prezi.com/gxfirmj-ecou/felinologist-behaviorist/

**    https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081015190217AAQs3ok

**    https://sarathorneenglishlanguage.com/2013/05/31/ism-and-ist-helpful-suffixes/

-Imported show lines from accredited**felintologist(s)

-Located in Colorado and Washington state

Neverland Scottish Folds

health testing.

PKD Negative Cattery (Case: CAT98749)

Biannual parasite and leukemia testing.

Breeder of Scottish Fold Cat and Kittens

Available  Calico folded  Washington State

Fantastic personality.  Raised with a toddler and small children.  Confident, yet sweet and relaxed.

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As of May 2016 home of the TICA's 17th & 19th top Scottish Fold

Straight ear (ribbons below).