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As of May 2016 home of the TICA's 17th & 19th top Scottish Fold  Straight ear (ribbons below).


Health testing performed.

PKD Negative Cattery (Case: CAT98749)

Biannual parasite and leukemia testing.

Neverland scottish Folds

$1000   SPAYED.  8 mo Calico Folded Female.  TICA Registered.  Supreme Grand Ch father.   Wonderfully social.  Impeccable litter box manners.  Short coated. 

Scottish Fold breeder, Scottish Fold Kittens, Scottish Fold Cat

Romeo, the leading man of Neverland Folds

Breeder of Scottish Fold Cat and Kittens


AVAILABLE straight ear 2 yr old female on "more kittens" page.  Very shy.  Took some time to accepts us all here...accepting of ALL pets...