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There is a show breeder in Seattle who was so dismissive and mean to us at our shows  -- we were  not wanting to come back. Other breeders (think the hairless cats) were so kind, and horrified at the treatment she observed we were receiving. That breeder walked us to the door and kept apologizing to us.

Maybe that Seattle Scottish Fold breeder  can read and learn they are not helping the breed by turning off enthusiasts, the future of the breed. She further tried to humiliate by posting more than a page on her website about "how we were" and how the loud speakers kept calling for our cats (very funny to her).   Her daughter, a pre- teenager, was there with her.  

We did not require kindness, but did not deserve cruelty.

You can see from my comments above, I believe in showing and what it does for the breed.  I do not believe that one must destroy to make themselves feel/look better.  Buyers beware the show breeders who go too far.  Look for a mentor who wishes to improve the breed and sees a bigger picture -- and lastly is kind.


We showed limited, and as you can see from the right (ribbons and TICA standings) we came out ok!!

I will not be leaving this portion up very long.  

I am not seeking an apology, as I have already forgiven.  

I am seeking to educate.

 God is good.  Love to All!  Peace to all.

PKD Negative Cattery 


FeLv Negative Cattery​


Champion & BIS

Lately, from potential repeat customers I have been asked often how to find a good thoughts:

PKD Screened (Genetic Fatal Kidney disease). Relatively cheap to screen when doing yourself, easy to follow instructions.

FELV Cleared - (Fatal contagious disease) - very cheap to do yourself and send into the lab and get your results back -- so all breeders should do!   

Home Screening:  How the moms and dad live is how your kitten lives.  Caged?  Clean?  Ask for a home visit.   That breeder that says "all my cage free and different breed cats run free together " (how do you know who is breeding who...?)  FACETIME!  SKYPE!  

"SHOW LINES" - ask to SEE the records, so many are not being truthful.**

This should be minimal...some breeders do more, many less...happy hunting!